Региональная общественная благотворительная организация инвалидов  «Содействие защите прав инвалидов с последствиями детского церебрального паралича» сообщает, что начала процедуру добровольной ликвидации организации в связи с отсутствием средств на аренду помещения для продолжения деятельности.
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Инвалиды с последствиями ДЦП и родители детей-инвалидов могут обращаться за консультацией по электронной почте: cerebral@mail.ru


ROBOI - Regional social charity organization for the  Disabled «Promotion of the rights of disabled peoples  with Cerebral   Palsy» - Moscow regional Cerebral Palsy Organization is a non-government group dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities caused by cerebral palsy and their families.  It was established and registered by Moscow administration as a non-profit volunteer association in 1996. It is affiliated with a number of domestic and international organizations promoting the cause of better life for the disabled persons – Russian National Disabled People Association, “Mothers for Social Justice”, “Handicap International”, and other.

ROBOI focuses its attention on improving overall healthcare for such individuals, developing their social network, defending their legal rights, ensuring fair opportunities for them in education, employment; housing, and transportation, preparing special manuals and reference booklets.

Among ROBOI’s efforts the following can be highlighted:

           -    Consulting the Russian legislative body, Duma, on issues involving disability caused by cerebral palsy; 
                expert assessment of disability-related legislations prepared by special committees and commissions;
                proposing new legal initiatives to secure rights and improve living conditions of the disabled people.

           -    Developing  education  and  care  opportunities  for  children  with  cerebral palsy; establishment of close
                contact with families, and setting up social and psychological support groups; free legal consultations for
                the disabled and their care-givers.

           -    Proposition to create a nation wide system of specialized comprehensive care and rehabilitation  centers
                for  children  and  adults  suffering  from cerebral palsy; efforts to mobilize leading specialist in neurology,
                defectology, psychology, and psychiatry to work or consult in such institutions.

ROBOI contact information:                                    

 Altufjevskoje chaussee,
102-Б, Apt.144                         
127349,Russia, Moscow                                                   

(127349 Moscow

102-B Altufevo Shosse,
Suit 144)

(Ludmila Molchanova, ROBOI board, the chair)

Ljudmila Molchanova  -  Chief of the Board,  Deputy  managing  editor  in  the  invalid  services  information-practic
                                             magazine  The LIFE with CP. Problems&Solutions

(Int. access code) -7-499-908-21-97

E-mail:  cerebral@mail.ru;  roboi@mtu-net.ru

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